Autonomous labor solutions

A robotic workforce is within your reach


We analyze your business processes and integrate autonomous labor where it makes sense.


We handle the software, hardware, communications, energy, training, legal, and insurance integration for you.


Get remote and on-site assistance for any challenges that arises from your robotic workforce.

How we can help

Managing the future is hard. We can make it easier by being your robotic workforce department.


We can quickly bring you up to speed on how you business can leverage UAVs, self-driving vehicles, trainable robots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and remote labor.

Waste management

Find additional revenue from your waste stream with our understanding of waste management law and robotic sorting technology.


Manage your site from any angle. Verify structural integrity in real-time. Bring augmented reality apps to your clients for simplified building management. Add droneports to turn your roof into your most profitable floor.


Increase the productivity of your entire work space with fully autonomous extraction, transportation, coordination, and monitoring solutions.


Cover over 3,000 kilometers of range with our fully ITAR-compliant surveillance package, complete with UAVs, communications platforms, data storage, and analysis services.


Stay up-to-date on the health of your crops throughout the growth cycle. Future-proof your investment by integrating your data stream into new algorithms as they become available.

How we do it

We handle the network of services, subsidiaries, partnerships, and vendors. You get a productive workforce.


Enterprise resource management tool designed for robotic workforce management.


Our Software subsidiary who specializes in robotics, IoT, and scalable architecture.


Real-time streaming platform for UAVs and IoT.

Who we've worked with

Brandenburg Communications

Exploring ways to merge consumer satellite with real-time UAV video feeds.

DropIn, Inc.

Solving the architectural, legal, and SOA problems for on-demand labor.


Discovering video compression algorithms for low-signal environments.

What we're doing next

We actively research ways to improve workforce performance and integration across multiple domains

Dunbar's Ghost

Discovering the relationship between human symbol management and Dunbar's number

The Complexity Asset

Addressing the economic consumption and production of complexity to refine automation replacement predictions.

The Capstone Project

Exploring the relationship between sequential networks and theoretical mathematics.